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Hi there! I'm Xanton, playing Unreal Tournament since spring of 2003. Started with Macintosh demo, then upgraded to full version. Had to learn that graphic cards for PCs are cheaper so I ordered my first PC ever! Yes a Macintosh user switched to PC :-) – but only for playing. My "serious work" still doesn't leave my Mac. However, my PC is a small barbone system from Shuttle the SB61G2.

Soon I got familiar with UT2003 and started my own server. Called it "Xanton's Instant Rumble". I configured it as ZoomInstagib server with lowgrav on and a gamespeed of 125%. Some didn't like it but most of the players who did are good friends of mine till today. Thank you guys!!!

For about one year I was member of the <SBD> Silent But Deadly Clan based in the UK. Unfortunately the clan split up and and does no longer exist. Well, it was a great time – thanks to all ex members of <SBD>.

Now I'm member of the XIR Clan. XIR stands for "Xtreme Instant Rumble". They are all nice, friendly and funny people - a great community. Just look for yourself: http://forum.xir-clan.com

My clan is basically playing UT2004's Instagib and ZoomInstagib on lowgrav and normal gravity. Mostly we are playing on our own servers hosted by myself. The first one is called Xanton's Instant Rumble again. It's a pure lowgrav server with a huge lot of maps voteable there. Also a cool mutator called ZoomInstagibEXTRA. Watch this server's stats online: http://www.xanton.net/serverstats/